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Stihl FS 70 C-E

Stihl FS 70 C-E

SKU: 41442000202

Extremely robust 0.9 kW petrol brushcutter with bike handle. 2-MIX engine consumes up to 20% less fuel and 70% less emissions compared to conventional two-stroke engines without 2-MIX technology. ErgoStart simplified starting procedure for increased comfort. Optimised trimmer angle for working on large areas of tough grass.

  • The Stihl FS 70 CE is a robust, light, reliable petrol strimmer. The bike handle inspired design ensures controlling the FS70 is plain-sailing, reducing the chance of you tiring out sooner. This makes it the perfect brushcutter for large garden areas.

    Easier to start and more comfortable to operate than previous models, this is an ideal brushcutter for extensive use. The two-handle design makes operating the FS70 smoother with less fatigue.

    Powering the Stihl FS 70 C-E is a 27.2 cc two-stroke engine with reducing emissions technology. Improvements in increasing airflow between strokes reduce the amount of fuel lost. Not only will this improve fuel economy, but it results in more power with fewer exhaust fumes. This engine advancement has improved fuel consumption by 20% compared to similar 2-stroke models.

    Stihl has also designed the Stihl FS 70 CE petrol strimmer with a super simple start-up procedure. Just set the choke, a quick press of a button to prime with fuel, pull the starting cord – the engine fires with zero hassle. Thanks to the ErgoStart, less force and effort are required to get this started than other brushcutter models.

    Another great advantage of this machine is, when your briefly stop, the ignition activates automatically meaning it’s always ready to start again. With the ecospeed control, the brushcutter’s engine can be controlled with precision via the handles.

    Everything about this petrol brushcutter is designed to help you tackle even the biggest areas that need trimming. To start with, the bike handle grip is there to help you effortlessly control the FS70 CE Strimmer with minimal effort. Place both hands on the soft grip handles, you will find it is at the optimal position to swing the strimmer from side to side, comfortably and vibration-free.

    Stihl has developed an efficient anti-vibration set-up, as the cutter of the machine spins, any wavering through the frame is dampened. This results in a reduction of annoying vibrations through the handles to your hands, meaning you can operate for longer.

    Furthermore, the addition of the shoulder harness will help reduce any strain on your lower back, as you use the grass trimmer over large landscapes – further reducing fatigue.

    All our STIHL machines are run, checked and tuned and given full PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) before leaving our premises. This means we will unpack your Stihl, start it, test it and individually tune it for maximum power and efficiency. We ensure that your machine is set up and ready to run when it is handed over to you.

  • Power Output 1.2 hp / 0.9 kW
    Engine Capacity 27.2 cc
    Weight 5.4 kg
    Sound Power Level 108 dB(A)
    Total length 170cm
    Cutting Diameter 420mm
    Tank Volume 0.34L
    Anti Vibration System No AV System
    Handle Type Bike / Cow Horn
    Standard Cutting Tool

    AutoCut C 26-2 / GrassCut 230-2

    Engine Starting System ErgoStart - Recoil


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