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Stihl FS 56 RC-E

Stihl FS 56 RC-E

SKU: 41442000200

For easy starting and mowing grass around obstacles. Multi-function controls, loop handle, STIHL 2-MIX engine, single strap harness, AutoCut mowing head.Comes standard with fully adjustable loop handle and AutoCut mowing head.

  • This fantastic new generation brush cutter from Stihl is easy to operate and very versatile. Great for working in confined spaces with plenty of power when you need it the most. This Stihl FS 56 R C-E Brush Cutter represents excellent value for money, and in our opinion is well worth every penny.

    A great stand out feature of this Stihl FS 56 R C-E is the Stihl ergostart. It reduces the effort to start the machine by half, which is a bold boast, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Petrol engines are notoriously fraught with problems with starting but now Stihl have the perfect solution. The starter cord can be pulled by up to a third of the normal force. A coil spring between the starter cord and the crankshaft smoothes out force peaks, making them virtually undetectable through the cord itself. No more flooded engines just a smooth and reliable start, every time.

    Simply set the choke, pump the fuel primer, pull the starter cord and away you go! When you need a break, a simple press of a button stops the engine and to begin again the ignition activates again automatically. Thus the ignition is always ready for starting. Such a simple process and will feel almost futuristic if you’re used to the traditional petrol engine starting.

    The new 2 stroke engine with stratified charge means that a fuel-free layer of air is created between the burned charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase, reducing the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle. This ensures more power and a lower weight up to 20% lower fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines and significantly reduced exhaust emissions. Thanks to this clever system the Stihl FS 56 R C-E Brush Cutter benefits from faster acceleration, reduced emissions, lower fuel consumption and lower sound and vibrations.

    The adjustable loop handle and Autocut mowing head are included as standard and make for improved handling and versatility of this Stihl brushcutter. Aimed at busy domestic users who need to work in confined spaces, for example thinning between bushes and shrubs. The controls are all accessed by your thumb on the handle ensuring your hands never need to leave the handle for increased safety.

    All our STIHL machines are run, checked and tuned and given full PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) before leaving our premises. This means we will unpack your Stihl, start it, test it and individually tune it for maximum power and efficiency. We ensure that your machine is set up and ready to run when it is handed over to you.

  • Power Output 1.1 hp / 0.8 kW
    Engine Capacity 27.2 cc
    Weight 4.8 kg
    Sound Power Level 108 dB(A)
    Total length 170cm
    Cutting Diameter 420mm
    Tank Volume 0.34L
    Anti Vibration System No AV System
    Handle Type D - Loop
    Standard Cutting Tool AutoCut C 26-2
    Engine Starting System ErgoStart Recoil


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