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Stiga Park 500W + Combi 100Q Plus EL QF Deck

Stiga Park 500W + Combi 100Q Plus EL QF Deck

SKU: 2F6120645/ST2 + 2D6210021/ST2
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Driven by a mighty 586cc twin-cylinder STIGA ST 550 Twin engine, the Park 500 W out-front mower provides all the power you need to achieve exceptional results. The machine's light and easy 50:50 articulation with power steering will help you avoid obstacles. Plus, this mower's front-mounted deck provides a clear front view, easy access to corners, and precise cuts along edges.

  • The Stiga Park 500 W front-deck ride-on lawn mower offers incredible power coupled with 50:50 articulated power steering to ensure you can work hard and fast and avoid obstacles with the greatest of ease. Aimed at larger lawns, it's ideal for both domestic gardeners and busy professionals alike.

    Drawing its power from the sizeable 586cc twin-cylinder STIGA ST 550 Twin engine the Stiga Park 500W has the ability to reach speeds of up to 10 km/h which means even if you’ve got a lot of ground to cover, you can do so quickly and efficiently and achieve exceptional results every time. The mower’s front-mounted deck will ensure you have a clear view of what is in front of you, ensuring you have easy access to corners and the ability to leave edges uniformly neat. And thanks to the floating deck the Stiga Park 500 W works really well on bumpy, uneven ground.

    The very first Stiga Parks were initially designed in 1974, and the brand name still stands for functionality, reliability, comfort, quality and care for the environment. The Park 500W 2WD is no exception, from the mechanical servo articulated steering and hydrostatic transmission to the comfort seat, steering wheel and ergonomic controls, you have quality, comfort and economy built in.

    Light, articulated steering and hydrostatic drive give you superb control - you can go as fast or slow as conditions dictate while manoeuvring really close to trees or into corners. Front mounted cutting decks add to the driving experience, providing unrivalled visibility and cut the grass before you drive over it.

    Should conditions dictate, for example in heavy, rough grass areas, you can easily convert from mulching to rear discharge in seconds - no tools are necessary and with ten different heights of cut to choose from, you can be assured of a smart finish every time. Electric height of cut adjustment is a great asset if you have different types of grass areas to mow. If you drive from a lawn to a paddock for example, and wish to change the cutting height, simply press a switch to select the desired position.

    Things have moved on alot since 1974, but Stiga’s attention to detail and their never ending quest to bring quality, comfort and economy to the busy discerning gardner has never waivered; which is why the Park 500W offers you a wealth of features, from its articulated steering and smooth, responsive hydrostatic transmission to the ultra comfortable seat, steering wheel and ergonomic controls.

    The Stiga Park 500W is aimed at larger lawns of around 3 Acres or so. It features a generous 100cm cutting width together with a whopping 10 electrically controlled cutting heights which means this premium ride-on mower is ready for anything. This is ideal if you have different sections of ground to cover. For example if you are mowing a lawn that needs to look perfectly manicured you may choose the lowest setting but if you then need to move over to an orchard that requires a higher cut, you can simply change between the heights of the cut at the touch of a button. It really couldn’t be simpler or easier.

    Another stand-out-feature of the Stiga Park 500 W is the handily placed combi-switch which allows you to change between mulching or rear-discharging in a matter of seconds, no tools required. The conditions of your grass will very much dictate whether you choose to mulch or rear-discharge the grass, of course. Rear-discharge is ideal in heavy, rough grass or where the grass is longer or damp. If conditions allow, you can choose to mulch, and it's important to note here that the mulched grass is rich in all the essential nutrients that your lawn needs to remain lush and healthy, so, therefore you will be fertilizing your lawn (organically, of course) as you mow it, and you will be unlikely to require additional lawn care products which means you will be saving time, effort and money.

    The Stiga Park 500 W ride on lawn mower has lots of incredible features that have been re-designed to ensure their latest ride-on lawn mower is bang up to date and offers the modern gardener everything they need to ensure their gardens are kept in the very best condition possible. Stiga knows that a manual choke works very well with a petrol engine and therefore the engine itself is easy to start, with the traditional manual choke will ensure you don’t have any problems getting going, even on damp colder mornings.

    Stiga are known for their attention to detail and often their design features can be a bit of a surprise, such as the cutting edge cooling bonnet and external fuel cap. We love the quick flip mechanism which lets you easily clean the deck in seconds. The LED headlights are essential to allow you to work in safety even in fading light.

    A nice modern update is the compact side dash board with its easy to use operations. From here you will have the information you need, right at your fingertips, to ensure a smooth, stress free operation. The comfortable seat offers lower back support, and a side pocket storage compartment - and you’ll have plenty of legroom too, so all you need to do is sit down, switch on and you’re ready to go with the minimum of fuss or effort. If needed you can change the position of the steering wheel in a matter of seconds, you’ll need a spanner of course, but once it's done and you’ve found the perfect comfortable working position (and don’t forget the seat is fully adjustable too) the Stiga Park 500 W will be the ultimate workhorse you need to keep your garden in great shape for many, many years to come.

    Stiga are known for their high-end products that have been expertly engineered and the Stiga Park 500 W front deck ride on mower is certainly no exception. It boasts a long list of features that have been carefully thought out, and of course Stiga has a wealth of experience to draw upon. We always champion great products which is why we believe the versatile and hard working Stiga Park 500 W to be the ultimate petrol driven ride on lawn mower to suit a wide variety of conditions.

    Robustly designed it will give you unrivalled service for a very long time, and with this in mind, for your ultimate peace of mind, Stiga offers a no quibble 3 year warranty with this product.

    About the Combi 100Q Plus EL QF Deck

    The Combi 100Q Plus EL QF cutting deck has a cutting width of 100 cm and can be used in mulching or rear-discharge mode. It is equipped with three blades. The cutting height can be electrically adjusted and can be set between 25 and 90 mm. The QuickFlip system enables the cutting deck to be easily raised for maintenance and cleaning, in less than 30 seconds. The cutting deck is equipped with anti-scalp wheels.

    Easily lift and clean the deck - Thanks to QuickFlip technology, lifting the deck for cleaning or maintenance, or to switch to another front-mounted implement, will take less than 30 seconds.

    Freely rotating blades ensure longer lifespan - Blades never get in contact with each other and this guarantees a longer lifespan for the deck: when an obstacle is accidentally hit, it is enough to replace the damaged blade.

    Front pivoting deck wheels - To improve anti-scalp function of the deck. The pivoting wheels perfectly follow the direction of the machine while steering, avoiding any "scalping".

    Front bumper - The supplied front tubular bumper improves the deck's resistance to accidental impacts, giving greater strength and solidity.

    Quickly connect any accessory - Thanks to RAC system, you can easily switch accessory on this machine.

    Can be used in mulching or rear-discharge mode

    Electrically adjustable in height

    Cutting height between 25 and 90 mm

  • Engine Make Stiga
    Engine Model

    ST550 V-Twin

    Engine Type Petrol 4-stroke
    Engine Capacity 586cc
    Engine Power 11.9 kW @ 3200 rpm
    Engine Cylinders Twin
    Engine Starting System Electric Key Start
    Engine Fuel Tank Capacity 12 Litres
    Transmission Hydrostatic
    Drive Two Wheel Drive
    Deck Washout Port N/A
    Cutting Width 100cm
    Cutting Heights 25-90mm 
    Height Adjustment Electronic - Switch
    Blade Engagement (PTO) Electromagnetic
    Steering Type Assisted - Hydraulic
    Blades Triple
    Seat High Back - Adjustable
    Maximum Speed 10km/h
    Side Discharge N/A
    Grass Collector N/A
    Headlights Yes - Twin
    Deck Lift Manual - Pedal
    Front Anti-Scalp Deck Wheels Yes
    Rear Anti-Scalp Deck Wheels Yes 
    Tow Bar Yes
    Front Bumper N/A
    Wheels - Front 405mm
    Wheels - Rear 405mm

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