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Stiga BL 530

Stiga BL 530

SKU: 255127092/ST2
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The STIGA BL 530 leaf blower is powered by a 27.6 cc (0.8 kW) petrol engine with maximum air flow rate of 10.2 m³/min. The BL 530 is compact and well-balanced, making it manoeuvrable and easy to use. It also guarantees limited vibrations thanks to an advanced spring system which separates the engine from the handle, as well as low noise levels and reduced gas emissions.

  • The Stiga BL530 is an environmentally friendly blower vacuum and is powered by a 27.6cc 2 stroke engine producing 0.8kW running on unleaded petrol, this model features a maximum air speed of 72m per second.

    This Stiga BL530 petrol leaf blower is from Stiga’s new Experience range. It offers you a step up from the usual models and is ideal in larger garden environments and can be used for multiple tasks. Thanks to Stiga’s attention to detail and innovative designs it allows you to work in comfort over longer periods of time. 

    Offering excellent value for money, this robust tool comes fully loaded with a wealth of features designed to make your life easier. Perfect for a variety of tasks this is the ideal petrol powered leaf blower for the discerning home-owner or professional. Your garden will be looking neat and tidy in no time when you’ve blown away all the leaves and small bits of garden debris, and it works just as well on grass as it does on your patio. 

    The reliable 27.6 cc petrol engine offers a maximum air flow rate of 10.2 m³/min and an engine rotation speed of 7500 rpm. It comes with an easy start feature and a unique vibration control system (VCS). This innovative feature dampens the vibrations felt in your hands for an altogether more pleasant and easy going experience,as the advanced spring system separates the engine from the handle. 

    This expertly designed petrol powered leaf blower from Stiga offers reduced noise levels as well as reduced gas levels. This is because the engine is extremely efficient and therefore this Stiga BL530 is ideal for the environmentally conscious gardener of today. It offers 0.8kw of power which makes it powerful yet energy efficient and the manual choke means that less fuel is wasted. 

    Being petrol powered means you never need to worry about working near a power source as you would with an electric model. There’s no battery to charge either, you simply keep the levels topped up and you’ll be ready to start each time with no issues at all. 

    Easy to use, the Stiga BL530 petrol leaf blower comes with a soft grip handle and is well balanced so you can get the most out of it without straining yourself. It features a recoil starter and a primer and weighs just 6.245 kg making it the ideal tool for when you need to work outdoors for longer periods of time.

    Main Features


    The anti-vibration system, using shock absorbent materials, isolates the operator from vibrations produced by engine and cutting system. The benefits are less fatigue stress on arms and hands and a more comfortable working operation.

    Easy start system

    The innovative starting system reduces up to 30% the resistance in the starter cord. The result is a faster and incredibly comfortable way to begin the work

    Full control handle

    Throttle, safety lever and starting switch are all mounted on the ergonomic handle, giving a full control of the machine to the operator, in every moment of the working operations

    Low emissions

    New modern engine technology allows to decrease fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emission levels accordingly with current environmental regulations


    Primer bulb instantly gives the first fuel flow to the carburettor allowing a quick start, even after a long engine stop

    Softgrip handle

    Softgrip is a special rubber which protect the handle where it gets held while the machine is in use. Absorbing part of the vibrations while augmenting the grip it makes more comfortable the use of your machine.

    All our Stiga machines are run, checked and tuned and given full PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) before leaving our premises. This means we will unpack your Stiga, start it, test it and individually tune it for maximum power and efficiency. We ensure that your machine is set up and ready to run when it is handed over to you.

  • Power Output 1.07 hp / 0.8 kW
    Engine Capacity 27.6 cc
    Weight 6.24 kg
    Sound Power Level 94 dB(A)
    Blowing Force 13N
    Maximum Air Speed 72 M/S
    Tank Volume 0.45L
    Anti Vibration System Included
    Nozzle Round + Flat
    Manual Fuel Pump Yes
    Engine Starting System Standard Recoil


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