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Stiga Bio Silent 2500

Stiga Bio Silent 2500

SKU: 290001252/14

The STIGA BIO SILENT 2500 electric shredder will be your reliable and silent ally in clearing and maintaining your garden. It has an eight-toothed rotary roller cutting system which can chip branches up to 40 mm in diameter with its adjustable shredding feature. The shredded material can then be quickly disposed of or reused in various ways, such as mulch for flowerbeds. Its compact size and two rear wheels make the shredder easy to use and transport. The plastic box can hold up to 60 litres of shredded material.

  • The Stiga Bio Silent 2500 electric shredder will quickly become your go-to-tool for when you are maintaining and clearing your garden. It’s robust design will serve you well for many, many years to come and you will soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

    Developed as part of the all new Stiga range  - the Stiga Bio Silent 2500 electric shredder is part of the Essential level - aimed at newbie gardeners because the machines in this range are simple and easy to operate. Designed to help you achieve a high standard of gardening with the minimum of fuss.

    You can chip branches up to 40 mm in diameter thanks in no small part to its outstanding adjustable shredding feature and eight-toothed rotary roller cutting system. The powerful 2500 W electric motor is reliable, quiet and hard working. And because it is brushless it is incredibly easy to maintain and is designed to work harder over longer periods of time.

    You can easily and quickly adjust the shred size to suit the job in hand and this can be carried out with the utmost detail for safety and comfort. The material that you have shredded can be used in various ways - mulch for your flower beds is one clever way it can be repurposed. The plastic box can actually hold a whopping 60 litres of shredded material.

    The Stiga Bio Silent 2500 electric shredder is compact and the two rear wheels make manoeuvring it easy, even if you’ve got steps or kerbs to negotiate. A plunger is included in the box as well as a tool for pushing the material into the shredder for your safety.

  •  Motor make Stiga
    Motor Power 2.5 kW
    Maximum Motor Speed 2850 rpm
    Motor Type Brushless
    Power Source Mains Electric
    Weight 27.43kg
    Cutting System Rotating Roller - 8 Teeth
    Maximum Branch Diameter 40mm
    Collector Capacity 60L
    Collector Material Plastic

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