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Stig-A 1500

Stig-A 1500

SKU: 2R7102028/UKS

STIGA autonomous robot mowers are cable-free. The installation is virtual and the working perimeter of the robot can be adapted anytime. With the patented AGS technology, the robot can plan mowing sessions intelligently. You have full control of your robot from the STIGA.GO app.

  • Introducing the Stig-A robot mowers family, all equipped with STIGA Active Guidance System (AGS), a patented technology which suffers no signal blockages and allows STIGA robot mowers to plan sessions in advance, to ensure unbreakable signal and unbeatable accuracy. Stig-A is designed and built to predict what other robots can’t and mow smart - trees or no trees. So you can enjoy your lawn every time you step outside.

    Engineered for absolute accuracy, the Stig-A 1500 is the only robot lawn mower with the unique STIGA patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology. Other autonomous mowers may lose signal or be affected by obstacles in built-up areas, meaning you would have to intervene to have them getting the job finished. But Stig-A 1500 can predict the GPS signal quality at different times of day and intelligently plans ahead to ensure it can mow uninterrupted when the signal is strongest.

    Stig-A 1500 knows exactly when, where and how to cut your grass to keep your lawn healthy – and give you and your family time to enjoy your garden. The installation is fully virtual, meaning the working perimeter can be set through the app – ask your dealer for advice for the first installation. If your garden layout should change, you will simply need to open the STIGA.GO App, and teach your Stig-A 1500 the new details - all via the App.

    Equipped with our long-lasting STIGA ePower battery, the Stig-A 1500 can reliably cut up to a 1500 sqm lawn in just two cutting sessions a day, giving you plenty of uninterrupted lawn time and nurturing a healthier lawn.
    Having STIGA ePower at its heart, combine with the RTK AGS technology based on a 4G signal, Stig-A is able to maintain absolute accuracy of location and plan the most methodical coverage and time efficient route. The result is an unprecedented cutting efficiency in terms of time and quality, in just two mows a day.

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