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Honda HRN 536 VY

Honda HRN 536 VY

£950.00 Regular Price
£855.00Sale Price

The HRN536VY builds on the HRN536VK featuring Honda’s proven Smart Drive variable speed system with enhanced grip taking self-propulsion to new levels of control via an updated transmission.  To this the VY variant adds Honda’s Rotostop blade brake system that stops the blades while keeping the engine running – eliminating the need to re-start the mower.

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  • The Honda HRN 536 VY is a 53cm / 21 inch petrol lawnmower from Honda with premium variable speed Smart Drive technology and Roto-stop blade brake features. It comes packed with high-spec features and offers domestic users the opportunity to achieve professional results at an affordable price.

    Worth every penny, this outstanding Honda HRN 536 VY is designed to last you a long time thanks to its robust housing and improved axle design. It has enhanced tolerance to the odd knock or scrape and will work hard for you, for many years to come. The improved axle design means that you can change the cutting height from one side of the lawn mower which makes life much easier. There are 7 heights in total that can be adjusted through 27-100mm which means you can cope with longer grass if needed.

    You get plenty of bang for your buck with a Honda. The cutter deck is a very generous 21 inches and has been designed to optimise the airflow for a much improved collecting and mulching performance. Honda’s unique and ingenious microcut twin blade system gives a neat and even cut and will leave even the most untidy lawn looking its best.

    You’ll find all the parts you need access to on a regular basis are now super-easy to get to, such as the oil drain and the spark plug, this means that you can keep your lawn mower in tip-top condition yourself if you want to, without any fuss. We love Honda’s attention to detail and this is apparent in the extra large fuel filler cap - it will allow you to fill up with petrol with no spills or mess.

    The self-propelled feature on the Honda HRN 536 VY is easy to control thanks to the clever “Smart Drive” technology from Honda. You can use your thumb or your palm to control the paddle style lever situated on the handlebar. There’s a total of 5 speeds, so finding the one to suit your needs should be a walk in the park! The bottom line is, you won’t have to push, so if you’ve previously struggled because of bumpy or hilly terrain then this is definitely the lawn mower for you.

    The wheels benefit from a new two-way ratchet system which means they can rotate freely in both directions which means you’ll require the same force even when reversing, this is a great feature and will mean that you won’t struggle when you’re going backwards.

    Another great and unique feature of this Honda HRN 536 VY is the Roto-stop® blade brake. This is a convenient and time-saving feature as when you need to stop mowing for any reason you can stop the blades from turning without switching off the engine. So if you need to stop work to empty the grass bag for example or move something out of your way, you won’t need to turn off and then restart the engine again - such a great idea and a very welcome feature for any gardener. You can also safely and easily move your lawn mower over paths to get from one area of your garden to the other.

    Honda HRN lawn mowers are designed to offer lawn enthusiasts more power, performance, and efficiency. From the powerful, easy starting Honda GCV170 engine to innovative features that help create a better looking lawn, look to the HRN mowers for a superior mowing experience.

    Honda HRN mowers feature Microcut System twin blades, which produce finer clippings, yielding more clippings per bag. That means less time spent emptying the bag – and more free time for you!

    Mulching is more efficient on the Honda HRN Series lawn mower. The exclusive Honda Twin Blade MicroCut System® results in exact cutting and fine mulching at any height. Finer grass clippings make better mulch, with fewer clumps and better grass distribution. The HRN’s exclusive steel desk design also contributes to improved mulching. The innovative deck design optimizes airflow by strengthening the turbulence of the clippings in cutter housing.

    The Honda HRN Series is superior to the competition in clogging toughness, while delivering a high quality cut finish. Honda internal tests showed the HRN mowed more than three times as far as the competition, and twice as far as the previous HRR series, in tough mowing conditions.

  • Engine Make


    Engine Model

    GCVx170 OHV Autochoke

    Engine Type

    Petrol 4-stroke

    Engine Capacity


    Engine Power

    3.2 kW @ 2950 rpm

    Engine Cylinders


    Engine Starting System


    Engine Fuel Tank Capacity

    0.91 Litres


    Self Propelled

    Deck Washout Port


    Cutting Width


    Cutting Heights

    27-100mm (7 Positions)

    Height Adjustment

    One lever

    Deck Material

    Steel / Composite

    Grass Collector


    Mulching Kit

    YES - Selective

    Seperate Blade Engagement

    YES - Roto-Stop

    Wheels - Front


    Wheels - Rear




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