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Stiga Pro Cart Galvanized

Stiga Pro Cart Galvanized

SKU: 13-3906-11

The Stiga Pro Cart Galvanized is ideal for use with garden tractors, including front-cut models. The galvanized construction ensures superior resistance to intensive work.

  • This is a heavy duty trailer. The galvanized construction makes it heavy duty. It also has a standard connector for attaching it to the tractor.

    The Stiga Pro Cart Galvanized is excellent for all manner of garden tasks whether it be getting rid of garden litter, transporting firewood, moving sand or tipping gravel. The heavy duty large wheels allow for easy maneuverability over rough terrain

    It can be mounted on all front cut ride-on mowers and on all garden tractors.

    This Trailer comes fully assembled by our team so no need to worry about packaging and self assembly.

  • Loading Capacity 75 - 125 kg
    Net Weight 47 kg
    Wheel Size 410 mm
    Product Length 1707 mm
    Product Height 732 mm
    Product Width 750 mm


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