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Professional user Advantages

Changing the way you work with petrol can benefit you, your workers and your business in many ways. It is important to look at the whole range of benefits to see how this applies to your own way of working.

We have divided our information into the three core values which represent the Aspen brand, Better for Man, Machine and the Environment. We believe these values also define the reasons why Aspen is becoming the popular choice for professionals.

Other important factors to consider when looking at switching to Aspen fuel:

  • Aspen can be delivered directly to your premises – no downtime travelling to collect fuel

  • Easy to monitor fuel consumption and factor into job costs

  • Simplified accounting with fewer receipts

  • Less machine down time due to breakdowns

  • Machines last longer and are easier to service

  • Easy for operators to select the correct fuel and avoid costly mixing errors

Aspen User

Using Aspen limits your exposure to harmful substances
When working with petrol powered machinery, you are often subjected to large amounts of toxic exhaust emissions. In the short term, this can cause symptoms such as irritation of the nose, eyes and lungs; headaches and dizziness. In the long term, this can lead to chronic nervous disorders and even cancer. These risks can be vastly reduced by switching to a cleaner fuel such as Aspen Alkylate Petrol, which has been developed to lower toxic emissions as much as possible in order to protect your health.


Your health should come first
Many people have suffered serious health damage in the past because they were in daily contact with harmful substances – sometimes through ignorance and sometimes because there was no alternative. They had no choice. You do.

Aspen contains virtually no harmful substances
Regular petrol contains harmful substances such as benzene, olefins and aromatics. Aspen Alkylate Petrol contains virtually none of these harmful substances, and is therefore up to 99% cleaner than regular petrol when comparing the level of hazardous hydrocarbons.

Impact of environmental pollutants on your health

  • Benzene:
    A carcinogenic chemical linked with causing leukaemia. It is considered the substance in petrol and exhaust emissions which is most dangerous to health. Accumulates in living organisms.

  • Aromatics:
    Can cause chronic nerve damage, fatigue and nausea. Contributes to ground-level ozone. Accumulates in living organisms.

  • Olefins:
    React in the body and form substances that can cause cancer. Are highly reactive and contribute to high levels of ground-level ozone.

  • Ground-level ozone:
    A very aggressive and toxic gas, which leads to reduced lung function, coughing, chest pain and difficulty breathing.


Regular petrol is a mixture of about one hundred substances some of which have a negative effect on the operation of the engine. Aspen Alkylate Petrol consists of only a dozen substances that help to create a cleaner, longer lasting engine.

Aspen does not contain ethanol
Regular petrol now contains around 5% ethanol. For cars, this produces virtually no problems, but in small machines its moisture attracting properties can be the cause of engine starting difficulties or failures.
 Ethanol attracts moisture into the fuel in the fuel tank which then acidifies. Acidification causes oxidation of the fuel which in turn damages the machine. Avoid costly repairs to your machine by using Aspen.

Longer machine life due to less carbon deposits
When using regular petrol, the combustion process causes carbon deposits to build up on the cylinder, piston and ports. This gradually reduces the performance of the engine and will eventually result in malfunctions. As Aspen is cleaner, it leaves very little carbon deposits. Your engine remains cleaner –
extending its lifespan and retaining its original performance for longer.

More power through better combustion
The presence of non-essential components in regular petrol leads to an incomplete burn in the combustion chamber. This means that the engine capacity is not fully utilised to supply power. Aspen burns almost completely, and better combustion means that your engine runs smoother and with more power.


When compared to cars, small engines such as chainsaws and lawnmowers emit a relatively large amount of unburnt fuel. These unburnt parts of regular petrol contain substances harmful to the environment.

Aspen has virtually no pollutants. For example, you can mow for 100 hours with Aspen Alkylate Petrol before reaching the same level of toxic benzene emissions as one hour of mowing with regular petrol!

Impact of environmental pollutants on the Environment

  • Benzene:
    Accumulates in all living organisms. (A cause of leukaemia)

  • Aromatics:
    Contributes to ground-level ozone. Accumulates in living organisms

  • Olefins:
    Are highly reactive and contribute to high levels of ground-level ozone

  • Sulphur:
    Contributes to the acidification of rivers and lakes

  • Ozone at ground level:
    A very aggressive and poisonous gas. Attacks trees and is seen as the cause of forest dieback. Harmful to crops.

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